SSLM students form an extremely diverse group, coming to Jordanville from all parts of the globe and with all levels of prior musical education.  Over the years, we have welcomed students from across the United States, as well as from Canada, Europe, Russia, South America, Australia, and the Kingdom of Tonga. A unique feature of SSLM is the age range of students, where young people often study together with mature individuals as old as their mid-seventies.  

Our students and graduates can be found conducting, singing and reading in parishes worldwide. Especially in ROCOR, but also in other Orthodox jurisdictions, our students have contributed to a noticeable improvement in the quality of liturgical music, as they apply the knowledge they have acquired for the greater glory of God and His Church.  

This section of the SSLM website is a work in progress, continually updated with links to recordings, photos and videos showcasing our students’ accomplishments and the impact that they are having on the vibrant musical life of the Orthodox Church.