Liturgical Performance Practice

  • Text book

Church Music History

Sight Singing and Music Theory (optional materials in addition to those provided in class by Dr. Sander and/or Valentina Shatalova):

  •  SSLM's Sight Singing Workbook (Please note that this workbook was originally developed for Russian-speakers; it is, however, fully useable by English-speakers with a little bit of effort. We are in the process of creating the equivalent in English, but it is unlikely to be available until next year).


  • Conducting Anthology (mandatory for Conducting track students; optional for all others)

Choir Class

Church Slavonic:

  • Full Course: Text book and workbook: Hard copies available for purchase on the first day of the summer session
  • For English Speakers: Textbook available for purchase on the first day of the summer session; in-class materials distribute

Voice Class:

  • All necessary materials distributed in class, free of charge

Liturgics for Choir Directors and Church Singers:

  • All materials distributed in class or through Populi (for second and third year), free of charge.