This practical course of Church Slavonic enables students at any level to improve their singing, reading, and comprehension of Church Slavonic. This CEP (Continuing Education Program) course is specifically targeted to the skill level and individual needs of the particular students who enroll.  

For beginners, emphasis is on rudiments of reading/singing Church Slavonic, including the Church Slavonic and Russian alphabets (both of which are used in a Russian Orthodox choir); sacral abbreviations; basic vocabulary; numbers that singers frequently encounter (Church Slavonic has its own numerical system!); basic phrases that should be memorized, such as Many Years and Memory Eternal; names for Feast Days, and more.  We focus on fluent reading of frequently encountered, short texts.

For advanced students, emphasis is on ensuring students can read or sing more advanced liturgical texts.  Grammar topics are presented as they facilitate reading and comprehension of texts.  Depending on the specific needs of the students, students may also learn how to change word forms in liturgical texts when needed (for example, by using the correct vocative forms during Canon refrains or during a polyeleos, or by correctly declining nouns and pronouns in the Panikhida service).