Since 2015, SSLM has offered a Continuing Education Program (CEP), a curriculum for those who have already attended the school and wish to further enhance their knowledge of Russian Orthodox Liturgical Music.

CEP consists of several Special Topics seminars offered by SSLM faculty on a rotating basis over one week every summer and is open to:

  • a) graduates of SSLM and

  • b) those of our former students who have not graduated but are are currently serving as choir conductors, singers and/or readers in their individual parishes

Please note that students who are in line to graduate either in 2019 or 2020 should sign up for the Core Curriculum

In 2018, the Continuing Education Program ran from July 23-28, 2018.  

As always, we offered several Special Topics, across a variety of fields related to Russian liturgical music.  This year's Special Topics included:

In addition to the Special Topics and Practicum the 2018 CEP package also included: 

  • One individual voice lesson with Laryssa Doohovskoy. CEP students also had the option of attending the Core Program's group Voice Class if they wish to.

  • One individual conducting lesson with SSLM faculty

  • (Optional) Tutorial reviews in Church Slavonic with Elena Nelson

  • Consultations with CEP Lead Faculty Aleksei Shipovalnikov on topics of interest to the individual students. All other SSLM faculty were also available for consultation on an ad hoc basis, their schedules permitting.


CEP students are encouraged to participate in the regular program’s choir and to engage with the spiritual life of Holy Trinity Monastery.  The course load is substantially lighter than the regular program, and provides an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the school’s unique atmosphere while growing professionally and spiritually at their own pace.


See a sample CEP schedule here: 

The CEP classes were a big hit and I plan to go back in the future. Highly recommended for everyone.
— Matushka Doreen Bartholomew, CEP 2015