All the course materials that SSLM students acquire their first year are applicable to second and third year courses: in other words, you only have to get it all once.  If you are a second or third year student who has for some reason lost, misplaced, or damaged materials you previously obtained, we're happy to give you new copies, for a nominal fee.

This year, we are pleased to offer two options:  

  • Option A:  Blended Course Packets (including the DropBox links for Music History).  Once we provide you with a password, you may access online all the material we have currently available, and download/print it at your convenience in advance of arriving in Jordanville.  The fee for one-time access is $20 (to cover scanning costs), payable via PayPal.  There is one exception: The Church Slavonic textbook and workbook will not be available online, as the workbook is published by Holy Trinity Monastery and the fee you pay for it goes directly to the monastery bookstore.  Acquire the online materials here:

And because not everyone likes to work with PDFs:

  • Option B:  Hard Copies of Course Materials for All Three Years, as well as password protected DropBox links to listening materials for the History of Church Music class.  First year students may pick up the hard copies on July 15, at the end of our introductory session in Jordanville, and pay the standard fee as in previous years (this varies depending on the courses you're signed up for).   A list of hard copy materials available for purchase may be found here:  

Also, if you have your own tuning fork, please bring it with you to Jordanville; if not, we will have some available for purchase in the SSLM office.