All the course materials that SSLM students acquire their first year are applicable to second and third year courses: in other words, you only have to get it all once.  If you are a second or third year student who has for some reason lost, misplaced, or damaged materials you previously obtained, we're happy to give you new copies, for a nominal fee.

This year, we're pleased to offer some of the course material as an Online Package. For a fee of $15, payable through PayPal, you may access those materials we currently have available in PDF here:  

Some Important Information:

  • The online PDFs are password protected: you will receive a password within 24 hours of paying the fee.

  • If you are a first year student, you will still need to purchase some materials (for a reasonable fee) upon arrival in Jordanville, since not all of our professors are fans of technology and prefer to work with hard copies only.

  • All hard copies of course material will be available for purchase on July 15, at the end of our introductory session.

  • Course materials for the Liturgics for Choir Directors/Singers course is available in advance on our online learning platform, Populi: you will receive an email from Valentina Shatalova providing information about how to access it.

  • You will also receive an email from Valentina Shatalova providing links to listening materials for the History of Russian Church Music course, via DropBox.

  • If you have your own tuning fork, please bring it with you to Jordanville; if not, we will have some available for purchase in the SSLM office.