Welcome to the SSLM Alumni Page!  Please note that this is by nature a page constantly in progress, as we hear from our former students about where they are now, and add information about them on a rolling basis.

Seth Davidenko

Seth Davidenko graduated from SSLM in 2015. He is currently studying at Holy Trinity Seminary, in Jordanville, NY, where he regularly sings and reads on the kliros, and occasionally conducts the weekday liturgy services.

Doreen Bartholomew

Doreen Bartholomew graduated from SSLM in 1999. She is presently the conductor at Our Lady of Kazan Church in Sea Cliff, NY (OCA), and is also the co-chair of the OCA Commission on Liturgical Music for the NY/NJ diocese, and a part-time member of the Spirit of Orthodoxy Choir, directed by SSLM's own Alexei Shipovalnikov.