Nikolay Alekseevich Myshkin is a founding member of the SSLM faculty, where he has taught Choir Conducting Techniques for nearly three decades.  Having studied at the Moscow Conservatory, Nikolay Alekseevich moved for a time to the United States where he directed the choir of the Russian parish of Holy Epiphany in Roslindale, Massachusetts for a period of six years, transforming the choir into an ensemble of professional quality. Subsequently, he returned to Moscow where he has continued to direct church choirs without interruption to the present day. For more than a decade now, he has directed both the principal and popular (narodny) choirs of the parish of Our Lady of Kazan in Kolomenskoe, a seventeenth century church that houses the miraculous Derzhavnaya icon of the Mother of God. He has recorded a number of highly-regarded CDs with various choirs that he has directed over the years, including a recording released to commemorate the 15th anniversary of SSLM in 2006.  As the principal teacher of choir conducting techniques at SSLM since its foundation in 1992, Nikolay Alexeevich has had a formative influence on a generation of church choir singers and conductors who currently work for the glory of God in the churches of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and other Orthodox jurisdictions in the United States and other countries, including but not limited to Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Lebanon, and Russia itself.